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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 61 (2019) 7, 507 - 507

Caligor helemaal

General Psychiatry

Psychodynamic therapy for personality pathology

Eve Caligor, Otto F. Kernberg, John F. Clarkin, Frank E. Yeomans

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  • Clarkin JF, Caligor E, Stern BL, Kernberg OF. Structured Interview of Personality Organization: stipo-r. Ithaca: Personality Disorders Institute, Weill Medical College of Cornell University; 2016.
  • Yeomans FE, Clarkin JF, Kernberg OF. Transference-focused psychotherapy for borderline personality disorder: a clinical guide. Arlington: American Psychiatric Association Publishing; 2015.

    American Psychiatric Association Publishing,

    Arlington, 2018

    619 pagina’s,

    isbn 978-15-856-2459-1,


K. Goethals, forensisch psychiater, Edegem