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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 26 (1984) 5, 345 - 354

Korte bijdrage

Juridische kanttekeningen bij drie euthanasievonnissen

J.H.S. van Herten

Discussed are three judicial sentences (from 1952, 1973 and 1983) in which a doctor was tried for euthanasia. In two of the three cases it concerned a doctor who was also very closely related to the patient. In the sentences hardly any attention has been paid to that relationship; in this article the author points out the dangers which are connected with the existence of such a relationship. He also points out the influence of the opinion of the relatives on the doctor's decision. In this article the author outlines the development of the demands made by the judge for not procecuting a doctor committing euthanasia. Of particular interest in this is the demand of extreme carefulness; the judge formulates the degree of carefulness required.