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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 26 (1984) 2, 82 - 104

Korte bijdrage

Astma bij kinderen

A.M. Meijer

This article describes various researches into the factors which influence the susceptibility to asthma and subsequent development of the complaint as well as the consequences for the child and family. The following researches are analysed:

  • the child's personality pattem ;
  • the personality pattern of the mother and for the fath er and its influence on the parent-child   relationship ;
  • parental attitudes towards upbringing ;
  • family influences on the child's illness.

The analysis deals with the theoretical background and specifies what research and measurement techniques have been adopted. The conclusions show the trends that emerge from the result of these researches. Finally, with an eye to future research, preference is given for those kinds of project in which the child is studies within the framework of its environment and family circumstances.