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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 8 (1966) 1, 251 - 255

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Communicatgie en informatie als eis voor een vruchtbare samenwerking van de vrijgevestigde zenuwarts met de Sociaal Psychiatrische Dienst en de sychiatrische Kliniek

A.L. Diercks

In this paper attention was given to the problems inherent in the neuropsychiatric practice of the independent psychiatrist treating patients on an outpatients' basis. Differentiations are made into activities pertinent to: 
1. prevention of psychiatric hospitalization;
2. effective hospitalization procedures;
3. af tercare in the post-hospitalization period.
In connection with some particular questions as to the function of the Social Psychiatric Service and the Psychiatric Hospital the difficulties encountered in the different areas of professional activity, are brought into focus.
In conclusion the importance is stressed of a clear conception of each of the three participants in coinmunity psychiatry of their specific areas of mental health care as a basis of fruitful cooperation.