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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 62 (2020) 7, 555 - 563


Housing, natural light and lighting, greenery and mental health

Y. Meesters, K.C.H.J. Smolders, J. Kamphuis, Y.A.W. de Kort

background Studies suggest that light and nature should be seriously considered when building new psychiatric clinics, because of their positive effects on psychiatric recovery.
aim To highlight positive and sustainable effects of light and greenery in mental health care.
method Literature study.
results Daylight, artificial light and nature may have a positive influence on recovery and wellbeing of patients and employees in care institutions.
conclusion Taking light and nature into account in the design of a new psychiatric hospital is highly important. This can facilitate mental health of the users of the building.

keywords architecture, green, housing, light, mental health care