Omslag 2020 10 kijk verder

Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 62 (2020) 4, 298 - 303


Flexible assertive community treatment (FACT) as part of a community (health) network

K.H. Westen, M.D. van Vugt, M. Bähler, C.L. Mulder, PH. Delespaul, H. Kroon

background Community-based care for people with severe mental illness increasingly requires far-reaching cooperation between different domains. This cooperation must always be unique and local, and at the same time provide an answer to generic and nationally set goals.
aim Offering new insights on collaboration within and between domains.
method Reflection on developments in the social domain and specialist mental healthcare using relevant literature and recent (inter)national experiences.
results It seems possible to provide better integral care by allowing fact-teams to network together with Social Support partners (e.g. by sharing financial and/or human resources). In this process, networks of care for people with serious mental illness (smi), develop over various phases and realize new partnerships. The model fidelity scale for fact-teams was adjusted to facilitate that process. conclusions The new fact model fidelity scale is ready to allow fact-teams to explore flexible local solutions for partnerships to realize the much-needed multi-domain integrated community care for people with smi.

keywords community, network, severe mental illness