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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 61 (2019) 11


T.A.M.J. van Amelsvoort, J.R. Zinkstok, A. Vogels, J. Wieland

Psychiatry and low intelligence, 746 - 747


Wetenschapsnieuws, 748 - 750


K. Mosk, G. Degraeve

Psychiatric disorders in people with intellectual disability or borderline intellectual disability: an introduction, 751 - 755


J.G. Nieuwenhuis

Recognition and diagnosis in the intellectually impaired in mental health care, 756 - 760

Review article

J. Wieland

Focus on borderline intellectual functioning in mental health care, 761 - 765

Review article

I.M. Hein, J. Raymaekers, E. Kres, B.J.M. Frederiks

Decision-making competence in patients with an intellectual disability, 766 - 772

Review article

A.M. van Eeghen, S.A. Huisman, G. van Goethem, E. Boot

Somatic comorbidity in children and adults with intellectual disability and mental health problems., 773 - 778

Review article

K. Vermeulen, A. Vogels

Behavioral phenotypes and recent developments in genetic technologies, 779 - 785

Review article

G. de Kuijper, G. Degraeve, J.R. Zinkstok

Practical guidelines for prescribing psychotropic medication to people with intellectual disability, 786 - 791


P.S. Sterkenburg, J.H. Braakman

Effect of psychotherapy for persons with an intellectual disability, and required adjustments, 792 - 797

Klinische Praktijk

J.E.L. Vandernagel, N. van Duijvenbode, S.W.L. van Horsen

Substance use disorder in individuals with mild intellectual disabilities; collaboration needed, 798 - 803


A. van den Brink, T. van Turnhout, E. Aldenkamp

Treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder in people with intellectual disability, 804 - 808

Review article

H.L. Kaal

The importance for the criminal justice system of recognizing mild and borderline intellectual disabilities, 809 - 813


M. Knotter, A. Willems, X. Moonen

The role of the context in dealing with aggression of psychiatric patients with mild intellectual disabilities, 814 - 818

Review article

J. Wieland, A. Denayer, T.A.M.J. van Amelsvoort

Mental health care for people with borderline intellectual functioning or intellectual disabilities, 819 - 824