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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 60 (2018) 10, 688 - 692


Consultation psychiatry: An interview to classify psychological factors affecting other medical conditions

P.J.M. Mangnus

background The dsm-5 category ‘psychological factors affecting other medical conditions has been divided into 12 subclinical syndromes by a group of researchers. These syndromes can be determined by means of a structured interview (called dcpr-interview). purpose To introduce the Dutch version of the dcpr-interview on behalf of the consultative psychiatry.
method Describing the subclinical syndromes, charted with the structured interview, the results of a Dutch study and a N=1 study.
results Psychological factors affecting somatic diseases were identified with the dcpr-interview.
conclusion The dcpr interview is a useful instrument for identifying psychological factors that affect somatic diseases.

keywords dcpr, consultation psychiatry, psychosomatic research