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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 60 (2018) 9, 601 - 605


Discrepancies in reported medication use in elderly psychiatric outpatients

N. Schutter, M. C. J. van der Flier-van Eek, C.R. Tulner, J. Peen, H.L. Van

background Different fields of study have revealed discrepancies between the reported medication use presented by patients and medical records held by their doctor or apothecary. These also appear to have clinically relevant consequences. At present only two studies have explored medication discrepancies in psychiatry.
aim To investigate the occurrence of discrepancies in the reported medication use of a psychiatric elderly out-patient population.
method Comparing 40 medication records of patients to their respective general practitioner and pharmacy records. Information on their social situation, Mini-Mental State Examination score and diagnosis was collected.
results One or more discrepancies were present in 80 percent of cases. Patients living alone had a higher percentage of discrepancies. Patients with cognitive problems or a low score on the Mini-Mental State Examination had less discrepancies.
conclusion Medication discrepancies are also common in a psychiatric elderly outpatient population.

keywords elderly, psychiatry