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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 53 (2011) 12, 927 - 934


Antigone: brother, sister and the tension in their relationship

F. Boer, W. Rodenhuis

background Although about 2500 years have passed since the first performances of Sophocles’ tragedy Antigone, the play is nevertheless still able to move and inspire a wide audience.
aim To demonstrate whether erotism and erotic elements underlie the conflict between the private domain and the public domain.
method The relevant literature was studied and interpreted.
results Antigone can be read and interpreted in many different ways. The tragedy is often seen as a play about the position of women. In the most of the interpretations the central theme is seen as the conflict between loyalty to the state and loyalty to the family. In this essay it is argued that the conflict between the public domain and the private domain also occurs at an erotic level. Sexual feelings towards a brother make it difficult for a female sibling to make the move to a sexual partner outside the family.
conclusion By focusing on the erotic conflict between brother and sister we can obtain a deeper understanding of the sexual relationship between siblings.

keywords Antigone, Greek tragedy, incest, sexuality, siblings, Sophocles