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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 21 (1979) 11, 53 - 58

Short report

Opnamecriteria Instituut voor Epilepsiebestrijding

J.C. Kense

J. C. Kense: Criteria for admission to the Instituut voor Epilepsiebestrijding
The most important criteria for admission to the Instituut are seizures or epilepsy. From a nursing point of view observation, diagnostics and mediconeurological treatment are emphasized, as are diagnostics and treatment from a behavioural point of view. Disorders are nearly always such that a multidisciplinary approach is required. Reasons for refusing admission may be:
a. serious psychological and behavioural disorders (psychoses, risk of suicide, addictedness);
b. serious doubt of diagnosis of epilepsy, or a well controlled epilepsy with no existing certainty that the diagnostical and therapeutical possibilities in the Institute will improve patient's condition.
Some attention is paid to the group of patients which on account of a combination of disorders is imminent to fall between two stools.