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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 43 (2001) 8


T.J. Heeren

Het imago van de ouderdom, 543 - 544

New research

Y.A.M. Nijssen, R.J. de Haan, A.H. Schene, M.W.J. Koeter, B.P.R. Gersons

Quality assessment on closed psychiatric admission wards: An illustration of the kwazop-instrument, 545 - 558

Review article

L. de Haan, T. Timmer, D.H. Linszen, M.E. Lenior, L. Wouters

The 5-year outcome of schizophrenia after a first admission, in the western world, 559 - 565

Review article

E. Peeters, B. Lowyck, M. De Hert, K. Torfs, PH. Delespaul, J. Peuskens

Follow-up of first episode schizophrenic patients: a review, 567 - 573

Short report

B.C.M. Raes, A.G. Miedema, L.J. Paesen

The borders between general and forensic mental health care systems, 575 - 578

Short report

G.H.F van der Most, A.H. Roosma

Intensive psychiatric familytherapy, 579 - 583

Case report

A. de Witte, M. Hebbrecht

Olfactory reference syndrome, 585 - 589

Letter to the editor

R.W. Trijsburg, P.A. Bolhuis

Reactie op 'Doelmatigheid van langdurige psychotherapie' (1), 591 - 592

Letter to the editor

J. de Kroon

Reactie op 'Doelmatigheid van langdurige psychotherapie' (2), 592 - 593