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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 23 (1981) 10, 611 - 626

Short report

Narcissistic collusion and Partner-Relationship-Therapy on analytic lines

H.J.C. van Marle

In this article an attempt is made to order recent litterature about narcissistic disturbances in relationships and to draw consequences for practice. The theories of Kohut and Kernberg, and the collusion-concept of Willi are used as basic-principles. Form of interaction (the narcissistic collusion) and the individual defenses, together with the Ego-strength of each of both partners,are the frame of reference for the therapist. An internally consistent way of thinking appears from this data that can be used in therapy. Although there are different opinions about the outcome, it seems to the autor that with the recent formation of theory it is worth to continue practising and carefully evaluating the P.R.T. with persons who form a narcissistic collusion.