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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 23 (1981) 5, 307 - 316

Short report

From orderly to sociotherapist: Developments in and around nursing

H. Rozendal

One of the features of the last twenty years in the psychiatric hospital is the development towards the educational hotel or school for living.The grouping of patients in certain categories and the (re)construction of wards that are geared to the needs of these categories offer more opportunities and privacy to patients; together with an open communication and a good servicesystem they are essential for better treatment conditions. Identity and effectivity were enhanced by the creation of groups of 10t patients in which a group nurse conducts a number of collective activities. The development of more defined sociotherapeutic methods can be a very important contribution to a good balance between good individual treatment and the use of the experiences of the patient group and the hospital community. Sociotherapy is not a new profession but a method that can promote the necessary administrative psychiatric thinking.