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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 50 (2008) 1


P.N. van Harten

The review process, from manuscript to paper, 3 - 7


P.N. van Harten

50 jaar Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie!, 7 - 8

New research

J.K. Tijdink, M.B.M. Soethout, G.F. Koerselman, Th.J. ten Cate

The interest shown by medical students and recently qualified doctors in a career in psychiatry , 9 - 17


M.W. Hengeveld

How do we ensure that more and better students choose psychiatry?, 19 - 21

New research

J.M. Hegeman, S.J.C. Doesborgh, M.C. van Niel, H.J.G.M. van Megen

The efficacy of electroconvulsive therapy in adolescents. A restrospective study , 23 - 31

Review article

P.K.H. Deschamps, C. Vreugdenhil

Stability of borderline personality disorder from childhood to adulthood: a literature review, 33 - 41


G.C. Dieleman, R.F. Ferdinand

Pharmacotherapy for social phobia, generalised anxiety disorder and separation anxiety disorder in children and adolescents: an overview , 43 - 53

Short report

J.M. Bakker, F.P. Bannink

Solution focused brief therapy in psychiatric practice, 55 - 59

Case report

M.A.P. Willemsen, K.G.H. van der Wal

Medication-induced mandibular luxation in a seven-year-old patient., 61 - 64

Case report

Y. Güzelcan, A.S. Kleinpenning, F.M. Vuister

Peduncular hallucinosis caused by a tumour in the right thalamus. A case study, 65 - 68


V. Bergink

Genetisch onderzoek bij bipolaire stoornis en post-partumpsychose, 69 - 69


D.H. Nieman, M. van der Gaag

Cognitieve gedragstherapie bij patiënten met een verhoogd risico op een psychose, 69 - 70

Letter to the editor

J.A.G. van Opstal, S. Lammers

Reaction on 'Comments on a new treatment law for psychiatric compulsive treatment', 71 - 72