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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 48 (2006) 1, 59 - 64

Case report

Analytic in-patient treatment of malignant narcissism. A case study

K. Michiels, R. Vermote

It is extremely doubtful whether a patient diagnosed with malignant narcissism will respond positively to analytic therapy, particularly group therapy. The prospects for recovery are not favourable because a patient with malignant narcissism has a tendency to destroy everything that is good, including the therapeutic relationship, and this destructiveness can seriously undermine the treatment of other patients. Nevertheless, in this article a case is presented that illustrates that long-term analytic in-patient treatment can be successful. The theoretical background to the diagnosis is outlined so that readers will be able to understand the nature of the treatment.


keywords group therapy, malignant narcissism, psychoanalysis