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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 47 (2005) 5, 291 - 298

New research

Validation of two selfreport screening questionnaires for adult autism spectrum disorders

E.H. Horwitz, S. Sytema, C.E.J. Ketelaars, D. Wiersma

background There is increasing interest in the occurrence of autism spectrum disorders in adulthood. The development of a reliable screening instrument for autism spectrum disorders could reduce the time and effort required for the diagnostic process.
aim To validate two self-report screening questionnaires for autism spectrum disorders. method The Autism-Spectrum Quotient (aq) and the Adult Social Behaviour Questionnaire (Vragenlijst voor Inventarisatie van Sociaal gedrag bij Volwassenen, vis-v) were tested on a sample of 36 patients referred to a specialist autism assessment and on 349 psychiatric out-patients.
results No significant difference was found between patients with a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders and patients with other psychiatric diagnoses.
conclusion When the aq and the vis-v are used in clinical practice, the results should be interpreted with caution.



keywords autistic disorder, pervasive developmental disorders, questionnaire, screening