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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 40 (1998) 10, 615 - 622

New research

Sexuality of hospitalized psychiatric patients: A survey of the personnel

T. Jacobs

In two general psychiatric hospitals, a questionnaire was used to survey the opinions and attitudes of the personnel with regard to the sexuality of hospitalized patients. The respondents (n = 153; response rate of 30%) did acknowledge the importance of sexuality for these patients, but felt rather insecure to take the initiative to talk with the patients about sexual topics. They reported a serious deficiency in their training with regard to this matter. In the past month, half of the personnel had been the witness of sexual activities of patients within the hospital. The majority of respondents seemed to react to it in a rather tolerant way. The use (of the findings) of this survey may stimulate a greater awareness of this theme among hospital personnel.