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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 62 (2020) 10, 860 - 867


Recognizing borderline intellectual functioning or mild intellectual disability in newly registered patients in a general psychiatric outpatient clinic

J. Wieland, T.P. van Hout, B. van Els, J.P.A.M. Bogers

background It is unclear whether borderline intellectual functioning (bif) and/or a mild intellectual disability (mid) in patients receiving treatment in mental health care are being recognized by care providers.
aim Exploratory study to register under-diagnosis of bif/mid in an outpatient clinic.
method The number of patients diagnosed with bif/mid according to the electronic patient file (epd) was determined. From 11 August to 11 December 2015, all newly registered patients for outpatient treatment with an mbo-2 or lower educational level were screened for the possible presence of bif/mid applying the screener for intelligence and mild intellectual disability (scil). For all patients, their mental health care practitioner was asked if they suspected bif/mid. These percentages were compared. The sensitivity and specificity and the positive and negative predictive value (ppv and npv) of the opinion of the mental health care practitioners were determined.
results In the epd 2,8% of patients were diagnosed with bif, and 0,8% with mid. The percentage of suspected bif/mid of newly registered patients was 17,5%. The sensitivity of the assessors’ opinion was 41%, the npv was 57%.
conclusion In newly registered patients at an outpatient clinic bif and mid are important but frequently missed co-morbidities.

keywords outpatients, screening