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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 61 (2019) 10, 692 - 701

Review article

The pharmacological treatment of PTSD and alcohol use disorder: a systematic literature review

A. Neven, J. de Jong, B.H. Pieterse

background The co-occurrence of ptsd and alcohol use disorder (aud) is common. Therefore, it is important to know which treatments are effective for the group of patients suffering from both disorders.
aim To explore the evidence of medical treatment options for ptsd and aud.
method We systematically searched the literature using medline, Embase and psycinfo (prisma guideline).
results Ten studies were included of which 9 were randomised controlled trials (rct). Only one or a few rcts examined several drugs. The combination of sertraline, naltrexone and disulfiram showed the biggest effect, although the results were limited and partly contradictory.
conclusion At the moment, there is little evidence for a clear pharmacological preference for the treatment of both ptsd and aud. Based on the current studies there is, although limited, most evidence for the combination of naltrexone and sertraline or monotherapy with disulfiram. Further research is necessary in order to adequately treat this double diagnosis.

keywords alcohol use disorder, double diagnosis, medication, trauma