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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 60 (2018) 6, 374 - 385


Somatic and pharmacological nurse care in 2b-teams in Flanders: a cross-sectional explorative study

N. Martens, M. Destoop, B. Goossens, G. Dom

background In the context of the Belgian mental health care reform (project 107), 2b-teams provide care to people with a serious mental illness (smi), a population encountering regular somatic comorbidity and limited compliance with medication. Team composition and care provided by these teams is rather unclear.
aim To consider the team composition and to focus on the nurses’ role within Flemish 2b-teams. Also, seen from different disciplines involved, to determine the desired future nursing role.
method A structured interview was used to discover team characteristics and fidelity to the flexible assertive community treatment (fact) model in 12 Flemish 2b-teams. With a digital survey containing 16 questions we explored the actual and desired nursing care, according to 151 nurses and medical physicians.
results Despite the difference in team size and composition, it was not found to be significant. Flemish team’s fact model-fidelity was average. Actual care was restricted to psychosocial interventions. Regarding desired care, significant differences were found between physicians and nurses. Caregivers within outreach teams scored items significantly higher on desired care compared to actual care.
conclusion We conclude that the team composition of Flemish 2b-team varies, with an average fact model fidelity. Team care is restricted to psychosocial interventions, while more somatic and nursing care is desired.

keywords fact, Flanders Outreach teams, nursing