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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 42 (2000) 12, 877 - 886


Psychoanalysis and evidence-based psychiatry according to Geerdt Magiels

L. Billiet

In his book 'Het brein' [The brain] Geerdt Magiels vigorously attacks psychoanalysis. He confronts psychoanalysis with evidence-based psychiatry to prove its lack of therapeutic efficacy and scientific background. Not only does he go about in a rather simplistic way, he also creates a faulty image of what psychoanalysis is and a caricature of what scientific psychiatry might be. In this article some of his faulty statements are corrected. A comparison of the scientific value of both approaches with regard to diagnosis and theoretical models reveals that the differences between them are not as clear cut as Magiels pretends.

keywords efficacy, evidence-based psychiatry, model, psychoanalysis, science