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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 50 (2008) 3, 173 - 177

Short report

The beginning psychiatric training syndrome in the year 2007. Myth or reality?

M.M. van Veen, P.C. Wauben, T.O. Hoffman, J.D. Blom

The beginning psychiatric training syndrome is a controversial, but imaginative nosological concept. This short paper provides a concise overview of the relevant literature on beginning psychiatric training syndrome, and presents the results of a pilot study regarding health problems among 35 residents in the Netherlands. On the basis of the two analyses, it is concluded that, as a rule, health problems among this group of doctors tend not to evolve into states of psychopathology in the restricted sense. Nonetheless, it is advisable to monitor such health problems with a view to their prevention.

keywords beginning psychiatric training syndrome, depression, psychiatric training