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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 48 (2006) 2, 141 - 145

Short report

Intakes for (day) clinical psychotherapy. A cohort study

H.M. Visser, J. Dekker, L. Harteveld-Bosma, P. Rijnierse, F. de Jonghe

Little is known about the type of patient who is referred for clinical psychotherapy. A descriptive, retrospective cohort study was performed involving 100 patients who attended a (day) clinic for personality, anxiety and eating disorders. Sociodemographic and clinical characteristics of these patients are described. Most of the patients had multiple disorders of a serious nature, displayed a high degree of functional impairment and were relatively treatment-resistant. Of the 70% who were diagnosed as requiring treatment, 79% agreed to have the treatment that was offered.

keywords cohort studies, intake, psychotherapy