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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 47 (2005) 3, 175 - 179

Case report

Priapism and atypical antipsychotic agents: a case study

M.H.C.M. Laan, J.W. Hummelen

A 35 year-old man with a severe anxiety and personality disorder was being treated with quetiapin. He developed priapism, just after paroxetin treatment had been stopped and after he had been taking alcohol. Prapism is associated not only with antipsychotic agents but also with ssri's (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors). The risk of developing priapism is probably greatest when treatment begins, when the dosage is changed, when two drugs are combined and/or treatment is terminated.



keywords antipsychotic agents, priapism, serotonin uptake inhibitors