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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 38 (1996) 3, 228 - 239

New research

The local process of psychiatric rehabilitation

J.F.G. Hell, J.A. Kool, A.E.S. Sijben

In this study the problems in the process of psychiatric rehabilitation are analysed. A survey was taken in a Dutch district, using chronic psychiatric patients, their assist- ants, labour organisations and organisations mediating between patients and work. These four parties involved in the labour rehabilitation process were asked about their opinions, experiences and expectations concerning work for psychiatric patients.

The results show that patients are highly motivated to work and that most have extensive work experience. Patients judge their working skills to be at a higher level than their assistants report, and almost as high as work organisations require. A large group (29%) succeeds in finding a paid or unpaid job within a period of eighteen months: about one third of these patients report they owe their job to their own efforts. Beyond mental health care institutions there is insufficient knowledge of the problems with which chronic psychiatric patients have to cope. Mediating organisations and mental health care institutions are insufficiently aware of each others ser- vices concerning work rehabilitation.


It is recommended that more attention be given to work in mental health care settings. This should be a part of the care program and should include preparation for work and job-coaching.