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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 33 (1991) 5

New research

Psychopathology (SCL-90) in symptomatic HIV-infection and AIDS-patients

M. van Beuzekom, F. van den Boom, H. Kroon, J.G. Storosum, H.N. Sno, H. van Dis

Results are reported of a group of 56 symptomatic seropositives and 61 AIDS-patients on the dimensions of the SCL-90. The scores are compared with three normgroups: a normal healthy population, a group cardiac ambulant patients and a group ambulant psychiatric patients. The group HIV-infected patients have higher scores on the different dimensions than the healthy normgroup and the ambulant cardiac patients, but score lower than the ambulant psychiatric patients. Especially scores on the dimension depression, anxiety and agoraphobia are increased. The results suggest that more clinical and community psychiatric and psychosocial care is needed by a large group of HIV-infected people.