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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 23 (1981) 6, 359 - 381

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Een psychotherapeutische gemeenschap voor kortdurende klinische psychotherapie

M.P. Bolten, A.J. Hesselink

A newly designed in-patient treatment-modality for neurotic patients is described. Duration of treatment is fixed on a three months period. The therapeutic frame of reference is transactional analysis, set in the framework of the psychotherapeutic community. Indications and goals for treatment are described. Research findings concerning the effects of treatment are reported. These effects are compared to the effects of treatment in the already existing department for in-patient psychotherapy (of non-fixed duration). Measured at the time of discharge, the effects of the shortterm treatment appear to be better. However, one year after discharge it seems that the differences between the two treatment-effects have disappeared.