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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 23 (1981) 4, 232 - 241

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De ingebruikneming van een psychiatrische opnamekliniek bestaande uit kleine wooneenheden

J.A.C. Bleeker, M.L. Frohn-de Winter

The removal of a university psychiatric clinic is described, from a nineteenth century hospitallike building to a setting designed for small group housing of unselected, acutely admitted patients. In view of the new setting an organizational modell had been prepared providing a continuous doctorpatient relationship throughout the patients' stay, which comprises at least one change of living-environment i.c. from intensive care to resocialisation unit. Patients react positively to the social stimulation of the small livinggroup, in terms of satisfaction, duration of stay, sedative medication and prohibitive measures needed. The organisation had to be changed to a doctor for each unit after one year, because of serious underoccupation, up to 30% empty 'beds'. Since then the clinics' full capacity can be used. This process is analysed in terms of aftereffects of removal and doctor-nurse coiiperation. Giving up the continuity of doctor-patient relationship does not seem to have deleterious effects on the patients.