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Keywords register: brain injury

Review article


C.G.J.G Pouwels, G. Wolters Grégorio, P.J.J. Spauwen, B.A.A. Bus, I. Winkens, R.W.H.M. Ponds

Prevalence and manifestations of aggression in adult patients with acquired brain injury: a review, 862 - 878

Klinische Praktijk


A.J.W. ter Mors, B.A.A. Bus, M. Reijbroek

Cognitive communication disorder due to right hemispheric brain injury, 838 - 842

New research


C.M. van Heugten, E.P.J. Janssen, A.J.M. Visscher, G. Wolters Gregório, S. Smeets, R.M.W.J. Berkers, R.W.M. Ponds

Patients with brain injury in a psychiatric setting; assessment of health care needs and received care , 665 - 675