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Keywords register: treatment outcomes

Review article


L.H.J.M. Lemmens, S.C. van Bronswijk, F. Peeters, A. Arntz, A. Roefs, S.D. Hollon, R.J. Derubeis, M.J.H. Huibers

Cognitive therapy and interpersonal psychotherapy for major depressive disorder: how do they work, how long, and for whom?, 710 - 719

New research


M.L.M. Hermens, M.A. Nugter, N. Mooij, A.W. Hoogendoorn, G.E. van Son, S. Robbers, M.M. van Bueren, A.T.F. Beekman, J. Theunissen

ROM for the elderly: a prospective cohort study of the outcomes on the HoNOS 65+ in various diagnostic groups, 456 - 465

Short report

2012/2 themanummer ROM

S.C.C. Oudejans, G.M. Schippers, M.E. Spits, M. Stollenga, W. van den Brink

Five years of ROM in substance abuse treatment centres in the Netherlands, 185 - 190