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Keywords register: autism



E. Thys, C.I. Struyven, M. De Hert

The stigmatisation of schizophrenia, psychosis and autism in the Flemish daily papers, 1030 - 1039

Review article


G.M. Marijnissen, R.D. Zwittink, E.J. Kuijper, E.F. van Furth

Microbiome and psychiatry: autism as an example, 131 - 140



K. Hens, R. Langenberg

Biology and context. Experiences of adults diagnosed with autism, 536 - 543

New research


G.J. Rosbergen, M.P. Jansen, A.R. Rosbergen-De Vries, Y. Roke, R. Otten

Sleep-wake patterns in adults with autism spectrum disorders in a clinical setting: a pilot study, 520 - 527

Short report


E.P. van der Laan, A.M. Euser, I.D.C. van Balkom

The social dimension of quality of life within the care for adults with autism; two philosophical concepts that may provide practical tools to caregivers, 526 - 530

New research


E. Thys, C.I. Struyven, M. Danckaerts, M. De Hert

The stigmatising of schizophrenia and autism in the Flemish daily papers, 365 - 374

Short report

2014/3 Themanummer DSM-5

J. Zinkstok, J. Buitelaar

DSM-5: neurodevelopmental disorders, 162 - 166

Case report


J. Harlaar, I.L. Gelderblom, A. van der Sijde, D. Bastiaansen

An adolescent with autism and a somatic high-risk profile receiving treatment with antipsychotics refuses blood tests, 375 - 379

Short report

2013/11 themanummer Verslaving

B.B. Sizoo, P.J.M. van Wijngaarden-Cremers, R.J. van der Gaag

Autism spectrum disorders and substance use disorders , 873 - 878

New research


R. Vuijk, P.F.A. de Nijs, S.G. Vitale, M. Simons-Sprong, M.W. Hengeveld

Personality traits in adults with autism spectrum disorders measured by means of the Temperament and Character Inventory (TCI), 699 - 707

New research


H. Schaap-Jonker, J. van Schothorst-van Roekel, B. Sizoo

The God image in relation to autistic traits and religious denomination , 419 - 428

Short report

2012/11 themanummer Klinische Stagering en Profilering

R.J. van der Gaag, P.J.M. van Wijngaarden-Cremers, W.G. Staal

The challenge of staging developmental disorders , 965 - 972

Review article


H.M. Geurts, L. Deprey, S. Ozonoff

Assessment of comorbidity in autism spectrum disorders, 753 - 761