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Keywords register: severe mental illness



K.H. Westen, M.D. van Vugt, M. Bähler, C.L. Mulder, PH. Delespaul, H. Kroon

Flexible assertive community treatment (FACT) as part of a community (health) network, 298 - 303

Review article

2020/11 Lifestyle

L.E.M. Koomen, Y. Roke, W. Cahn

Evidence based eHealth applications targeting improvement of lifestyle habits of people with severe mental illness, 992 - 997

Review article

2020/11 Lifestyle

J. Deenik, A. Looijmans, F.R. Kruisdijk, F. Jörg

The art of endurance: implementation of lifestyle interventions in mental healthcare, 981 - 989



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Thinking inside the box: improving the lifestyle of inpatients with severe mental illness, 564 - 574



C.P.G. Couwenbergh, J. van Weeghel

Prevention of stagnation of recovery processes and chronic problems in mental healthcare patients. A field consultation among Dutch experts, 18 - 26

Review article


K.C.E.E.R. Catthoor, B.G.C. Sabbe, T. Dreesen, F. Janssen, F. Vandendriessche, G. Steegen, F. Matthys, C. Matton, C. Mertens, J. Detraux

Effectiveness of anti-stigma interventions regarding severe mental illness: a systematic literature review, 37 - 46



L.F.M. van der Post, J.F. Koenders, J.J.M. Dekker, A.T.F. Beekman

Social isolation, source of income and healthcare consumption for psychiatric patients with and without severe mental illness, 445 - 454



I. Berger, M. van der Hout, A.M.C.H. Hoogenboom, E. Berger, C.L. Mulder

Modifications in therapy for patients with severe mental illness and intellectual disability: a qualitative study, 375 - 383

New research


N. Miedema, M.C. Hazewinkel, D. van Hoeken, A.S van Amerongen, R.F.P. de Winter

A study of the connection between coercive measures used in a closed acute psychiatric ward and the socio-demographic and clinical characteristics of the patients involved, 434 - 445

New research


P.E. Graveland, M.M. Beex-Oosterhuis, A. Gosker-Venis, R.J. van Marum, A.R. van Gool

Medication review in the mental health care service: experiences on long-stay units, 262 - 271

New research


J.T. van Busschbach, W. Swildens, H. Michon, H. Kroon, M. Koeter†, D. Wiersma, J. van Os

Working effectively towards rehabilitation goals: long-term outcome of a randomised controlled trial of the Boston psychiatric rehabilitation approach, 179 - 189

Short report


C.E. Boumans, J.I.M. Egger, G.J.M. Hutschemaekers

Could you please reduce your seclusion rates? To structure patient care by the methodical work approach, 140 - 144

Short report


H.W. Konz, P.D. Meesters, N.P.G. Paans, D.S. van Grootheest, H.C. Comijs, M.S. Stek, A. Dols

Screening for metabolic syndrome in older patients with severe mental illness, 61 - 66



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Contribution to quality of care or caught in a digital labyrinth? Experience with electronic records of patients receiving long-term mental health care, 394 - 401



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Reorganisation of the mental health services in Belgium in 2011. Will this lead to better care for patients with a serious mental illness? , 917 - 926

Short report


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Parents with severe mental illness. Epidemiological data , 851 - 856



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Routine Outcome Monitoring for patients with severe mental illness: a consensus document , 169 - 179