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Keywords register: vocational rehabilitation

Short report


J.J.M. Knapen, A. Myszta, Y.C.N. Moriën

Employment prospects of persons with severe mental illness after an integrated mental and psychomotor training in a vocational rehabilitation programme, 258 - 262

New research


J.T. van Busschbach, W. Swildens, H. Michon, H. Kroon, M. Koeter†, D. Wiersma, J. van Os

Working effectively towards rehabilitation goals: long-term outcome of a randomised controlled trial of the Boston psychiatric rehabilitation approach, 179 - 189

New research


F. Giesen, N. van Erp, J. van Weeghel, H. Michon, H. Kroon

The implementation of Individual Placement and Support in the Netherlands , 611 - 621