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Keywords register: monitoring

Short report


P.G.W.M. Wuisman, M.G.F. Wuisman-Frerker, M.M.B. van Pelt-Halders

The need to monitor risk factors relating to patients on antipsychotics, 439 - 445

New research


H. Kamphuis, J. Arends, L. Timmerman, J. van Marle, J. Kappert

Myocarditis and cardiomyopathy: underestimated complications resulting from clozapine therapy, 223 - 233

Review article


W. Cahn, D. Ramlal, R. Bruggeman , L. de Haan, F.E. Scheepers, M.M. van Soest, J. Assies, C.J. Slooff

Prevention and treatment of somatic complications arising from the use of antipsychotics , 579 - 591

Short report


A.I. Wierdsma, S. Sytema, J.J. van Os, C.L. Mulder

Do we really still need psychiatric case registers? , 569 - 573