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Keywords register: psychotropic drugs

Short report


M. Nederlof, L.J. Stoker, A.C.G. Egberts, E.R. Heerdink

Instructions for monitoring clinical parameters in the Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPC) for psychotropic drugs: overview and applicability for clinical practice, 593 - 598

New research


J.J. Stolker, P.J. Koedoot, E.R. Heerdink, H.G.M. Leufkens, W.A. Nolen

Psychotropic drug use by mentally retarded persons with behavioural problems residing in care homes, 667 - 676

Short report


J.J. Stolker, W.E.E. Meijer, G.W.K. Hugenholtz, W.A. Nolen, E.R. Heerdink

Pharmacoepidemiological research in psychiatry, 275 - 280

New research


E. van Daalen, J.K. Buitelaar

Prescription of psychotropic drugs by Dutch child and adolescent psychiatrists to children and adolescents with psychiatric disorders, 3 - 13