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Keywords register: mental health services



J.A. Ruimveld, M. Bosma, R. Hermanides, J. van Os, H. Becker, M. Mauricio, E. Jansen, P. Delespaul

Mental health in Bonaire – an inspiration for the Dutch New Mental Health Movement, 462 - 470



J. van Os, PH. Delespaul

A valid quality system for mental health care: from accountability and control in institutionalised settings to co-creation in small areas and a focus on community vital signs, 96 - 104

New research


M. Drukker, M. Bak, G. Driessen, J. van Os, P.A.E.G. Delespaul

Can the “Camberwell Assessment of Need” predict changes in care consumption? , 305 - 314

New research


P.G. van der Velden, L. Grievink, A.M. Dorresteijn, I. van Kamp, A.N. Drogendijk, B. Christiaanse, A.J. Roskam, F. Marcelissen, M. Olff, M. Meewisse, B.P.R. Gersons, R.J. Kleber

Psychological problems and the use of mental health services after the fireworks disaster at Enschede. A longitudinal comparative study , 571 - 582

New research


C.L. Mulder, A.B.P. Staring, J. Loos, V.J.A. Buwalda, D. Kuijpers, S. Sytema, A.I. Wierdsma

The Health of the Nation Outcome Scales (honos) in Dutch translation as an instrument for Routine Outcome Assessment , 273 - 284

New research


A.J. Fouwels, W. van den Brink, H.F.A. Schalken

Alcohol use disorders among patients of an academic psychiatric outpatient clinic: Prevalence, recognition and screening by resident psychiatrists, 297 - 307