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Keywords register: pharmacotherapy

Short report

50th anniversary issue 2008, suppl.2

D. Denys, L. de Haan

25 years antipsychotics: back to the future?, 105 - 109

Review article


A. Neven, G.J.H. Dumont

The efficacy of baclofen in alcohol dependence, 544 - 553

Review article


W.A.M. van der Veen, J.W. Renes, R.W. Kupka, E.J. Regeer

The effects of pharmacological and psychotherapeutic treatment of comorbid anxiety disorders in patients with bipolar disorder, 388 - 396

Short report


A. Smit, A.H. Schene, F.P.M.L. Peeters, J. Spijker

Tailored pharmacotherapy. Consultations about medication in a care programme for depression, 881 - 885

Short report

2013/11 themanummer Verslaving

G. Dom, W. van den Brink

Developments in pharmacotherapy: personalised pharmacotherapy? , 899 - 906

Short report

2011/9 themanummer Ouderenpsychiatrie

G.-J. Hendriks, G.P.J. Keijsers, M. Kampman, M.J.P.M. Verbraak, T.G. Broekman, C.A.L. Hoogduin, R.C. Oude Voshaar

Treatment of anxiety disorders in the elderly , 589 - 595

Case report


J. Jairam, H.J.C. van Marle

The treatment of hypersexuality in a male with obsessive compulsive disorder as psychiatric co-morbidity , 113 - 117



G.C. Dieleman, R.F. Ferdinand

Pharmacotherapy for social phobia, generalised anxiety disorder and separation anxiety disorder in children and adolescents: an overview , 43 - 53

New research


S. Kool, R. Schoevers, I.J. Duijsens, J. Peen, G. van Aalst, F. de Jonghe, J. Dekker

Treatment of depressive disorder and comorbid personality pathology: combined therapy versus pharmacotherapy , 361 - 372

Review article


F.R.J. Verhey

Pharmacotherapy for Alzheimer's disease , 17 - 26

Case report


T. Niers, M. Vegt, J.H.M. Tulen, G. Janzen, M.W. Hengeveld

Treatment of a man suffering from both Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Tourette's syndrome , 109 - 113

Review article


A. Bakker

Recent developments in the treatment of panic disorder and agoraphobia, 385 - 394