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Keywords register: compulsory admission



K.J. Nusselder, J. Zoeteman, B. Buis, N. Hoeve, J. Peen, L. van Grasstek, J. Dekker

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Short report


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Review article


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New research


A.I. Wierdsma, G.A.M. Driessen, H.M. Smeets, E. Visser

Regional differences in the care and treatment of compulsory admissions in the Netherlands, 777 - 783

Case report


A.A. van Oosteren, A. Roomer

Alcohol-dependent patients opposed to treatment can be helped by treatment enforced by law, 889 - 892

New research


A.I. Wierdsma, P.D. van Marle, C.L. Mulder

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New research


L.F.M. van der Post, J.J.M. Dekker, J.F.J. Jonkers, A.T.F. Beekman, C.L. Mulder, L. de Haan, W.G. Mulder, R.A. Schoevers

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New research


T.E. Stikker, R.A. Schoevers, J.A. Swinkels, C.L. Mulder, W. van Tilburg

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Case report


C.L. Mulder, J. Tielens

Differing opinions about severe social breakdown and self-neglect determine compulsory admission, 229 - 233

New research


A.I. Wierdsma, A.W.B. van Baars, C.L. Mulder

Psychiatric prehistory and health care after compulsory admission in Rotterdam , 81 - 93

Short report


W. Mulder, J. Dekker, C.M.T. Gijsbers van Wijk

The Temporary Emergency Unit (TOA) in Amsterdam: experience with admissions of acute cases in a big city , 383 - 389

Short report


A.I. Wierdsma, A. Reisel

Who is eligible for conditional compulsory admission? Characteristics of patients for whom a conditional order could have been requested , 105 - 109