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Keywords register: personality

New research


R. Krebs, A.L. Ewalds, P.T. van der Heijden, E.J.M. Penterman, K.P. Grootens

Burn-out, commitment, personality and experiences during work and training; survey among psychiatry residents, 87 - 93

Review article


P.R.M. Tewarie, R. van der Zwaard

From querulous neurosis to querulous delusion: the psychopathological aspects of persistent dysfunctional complaining, 30 - 37

New research


O. van der Stelt, D. Boubakri, M. Feltzer

Migration status, familial vulnerability for psychiatric disorders, and schizotypal personality traits, 496 - 504

New research


M. Descheemaeker, B. Lowyck, Y. Verhaest, P. Luyten, R. Vermote

The relationship between DSM-IV axis II and the anaclitic and introjective personality dimensions , 9 - 19

New research


R. Vuijk, P.F.A. de Nijs, S.G. Vitale, M. Simons-Sprong, M.W. Hengeveld

Personality traits in adults with autism spectrum disorders measured by means of the Temperament and Character Inventory (TCI), 699 - 707

Short report

2009/8 Themanummer Stress en Psychiatrie

P. Luyten, S. Kempke, B. van Houdenhove

Stress research in psychiatry: a complex story, 611 - 618



J.G. Goekoop

A multidimensional description and validation of two subtypes in the field of endogenous and melancholic depression , 159 - 170

New research


M.A. Bosscha, C.J.M. van Velzen, Y. Meesters

A comparative study of two methods of personality assessment, the TCI and the NVM (Dutch shortened version of the MMPI), 435 - 444

New research


R.H.J. Hornsveld, C.M.J. van Dam-Baggen, S.M.M. Lammers, H.L.I. Nijman, F.W. Kraaimaat

Forensisch psychiatrische patiënten met geweldsdelicten: persoonlijkheidskenmerken en gedrag, 133 - 143

Review article


H.M. van Praag

The debit balance of current stress research, 141 - 148



A.C. Schrier, W. van den Brink, G. Nabarro

Are parents less important than peers in shaping their children's personality?, 813 - 817

Review article


W.A. Veling, J.G. Goekoop

Relationships between personality and unipolar depression , 825 - 835