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Keywords register: mental health

Short report

50th anniversary issue 2008, suppl.2

W.M van Ewijk, C.M.TH. Gijsbers van Wijk

Emergency psychiatry in Amsterdam: a historical case study , 41 - 46



N. van Erp, C. van Zelst, P. Delespaul, E. Wagemakers, J. van Weeghel, J. Brugmans, J. Bierbooms, G. Rabbers, S. van der Weerd, H. Kroon

Positive effects of psychoeducation on mental disorders in the Netherlands, 481 - 487

Short report

2015/12 themanummer Kinder en Jeugdpsychiatrie

D. Van West, L. van Grootel

Reform of the Belgian mental health care system for children and adolescents, 933 - 936



J. Wieland, S. Kapitein, M. Otter, R.W.J. Baas

Diagnosing psychiatric disorders in people with (very) mild intellectual disabilities, 463 - 470

New research


A.H. Vegter, J.W. Veerman, R.E. de Meyer

Do behavioural problems existing at referral become worse in subsequent years? A study of young persons referred to the outpatient unit of the mental health service , 265 - 273



J. Ormel, M. Bartel, W.A. Nolen

The depression paradox: effective treatment available but no lowering of prevalence , 237 - 246