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Keywords register: psychiatric training


2019/3 themanummer Onderwijs en Opleiden

M.G. Nijs, B. Sabbe

Should the psychiatrist of the future become a multi-specialist or a super-specialist?, 159 - 163

Short report


M.M. van Veen, P.C. Wauben, T.O. Hoffman, J.D. Blom

The beginning psychiatric training syndrome in the year 2007. Myth or reality?, 173 - 177

Short report


F. Verheij

A place for child and adolescent psychiatric training within the future psychiatric residency training?, 621 - 625

Short report

2000/4 Themanummer Psychiatrie en Opleiding

F. Verheij

The position of child and adolescent psychiatry in the psychiatric residency training, 229 - 234