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Keywords register: anxiety

Klinische Praktijk


S.B.J. Oude ophuis, M.S. van der Knaap, P.F. Schothorst

Alexander disease as an explanation for long-term unexplained psychiatric symptoms in a young girl, 798 - 804

Review article

2020/8 Psychedelica

N. Schimmel, J.J. Breeksema, J.K.E. Veraart, W. van den Brink, R.A. Schoevers

Psychedelics for existential distress in terminally ill patients, 659 - 668



W.H. Braam, J. Spijker, G.J. Hendriks, J.N. Vrijsen

Decrease of depression and outcome in treatment of anxiety disorders - an observational study of ROM data, 187 - 193



S. Rutten, C. Vriend, H.W. Berendse, Y.D. Van der Werf, O.A. van den Heuvel

Anxiety, depression and sleep disorders in Parkinson’s disease: a complex interaction between body and mind, 62 - 72

Short report


A. Smit, A. Kemps, M. Zoun, J. Spijker

Adequacy of treatment for chronic anxiety or depression; an exploratory study of treatment practice, 422 - 426

Review article


G. Flens, E. de Beurs

The future of ROM: computerised adaptive testing, 767 - 744

Review article


K.L. Blase, A. van Dijke, P.J.M. Cluitmans, E. Vermetten

Efficacy of HRV-biofeedback as additional treatment of depression and PTSD, 292 - 300

Review article


M. De Venter, K. Demyttenaere, R. Bruffaerts

The relationship between adverse childhood experiences and mental health in adulthood. A systematic literature review, 259 - 268

Short report


F.V.A. van Oort, J. Ormel, F.C. Verhulst

Symptoms of anxiety in adolescents. Findings from the TRAILS-study , 463 - 469

Short report

2011/9 themanummer Ouderenpsychiatrie

J.S.A.M. Reijnders, A.F.G Leentjens

Diagnosis and assessment of psychopathological symptoms in Parkinson’s disease, 679 - 684

Short report

2011/9 themanummer Ouderenpsychiatrie

P.J. van 't Veer-Tazelaar, P. Cuijpers, A.J. Beekman

Prevention of depression and anxiety in older people, 579 - 584

Short report


K. Greaves-Lord, F.C. Verhulst, A.J. Oldehinkel, J. Ormel, A.C. Huizink

Stress reactivity as an underlying mechanism of anxiety? Findings from the TRAILS study , 401 - 406

New research


W.W. Hale III, T.A. Klimstra, S.A.M. Wijsbroek, Q.A.W. Raaijmakers, P. Muris, W.H.J. Meeus

Developmental trajectories of anxiety disorder symptoms in adolescents: A five-year prospective community study , 21 - 30



J.G. Goekoop

A multidimensional description and validation of two subtypes in the field of endogenous and melancholic depression , 159 - 170

Case report


A. Maat, H.J. van Vliet, J.M.L. Henselmans, A.M.A. Brands

Anxiety and epilepsy: not unknown, but sometimes unexpected. A case study , 745 - 748

New research


P.G. van der Velden, L. Grievink, A.M. Dorresteijn, I. van Kamp, A.N. Drogendijk, B. Christiaanse, A.J. Roskam, F. Marcelissen, M. Olff, M. Meewisse, B.P.R. Gersons, R.J. Kleber

Psychological problems and the use of mental health services after the fireworks disaster at Enschede. A longitudinal comparative study , 571 - 582

Review article


H.G.J. Barth-van Veldhuizen, C. Reinders, A.J.M. Loonen, W.A. Nolen

Anticonvulsants in the treatment of aggression, anxiety, psychosis and alcohol and cocaine withdrawal symptoms , 35 - 43

Short report


M.T.G. Boon, F.P.M.L. Peeters

Dimensions of affectivity in depression and anxiety, 109 - 113