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Keywords register: psychose

Short report

50th anniversary issue 2008, suppl.2

D. Denys, L. de Haan

25 years antipsychotics: back to the future?, 105 - 109

Short report

50th anniversary issue 2008, suppl.2

J. van Os, R. Verkooyen, M. Hendriks, C. Henquet, M. Bak, M. Marcelis, PH. Delespaul, L. Krabbendam, I. Myin-Germeys

A psychosis proneness-persistence-impairment model of psychotic disorders , 77 - 83

Review article

2020/8 Psychedelica

W. van den Brink, J.J. Breeksema, E. Vermetten, R.A. Schoevers

Psychedelics in the treatment of substance use disorders and psychosis, 650 - 658



F.E. Scheepers, J. de Mul, F. Boer, W.J. Hoogendijk

Psychosis as an evolutionary adaptive mechanism to environmental changes; A plea for a functional explanatory model, 472 - 480



E. Thys, C.I. Struyven, M. De Hert

The stigmatisation of schizophrenia, psychosis and autism in the Flemish daily papers, 1030 - 1039

Klinische Praktijk


D.M.C. Quadackers, B. Doornbos, D.C. Cath

Visual hallucinations, misidentification and reduplication of time: a sense of distorted reality due to a cerebral metastasis, 1073 - 1079

Klinische Praktijk


L. Castelein, J. Steyaert, H. Peeters, G. van Buggenhout

Adolescent with a schizophreniform disorder and recurrent 16p11.2 duplication, 421 - 425

Klinische Praktijk


N. Levina, F. Maes, B.G.C. Sabbe

Psychosis due to idiopathic basal ganglia calcification, 48 - 52

Short report

2018/3 themanummer Personalised Medicine

W. Veling, I.E.C. Sommer, R. Bruggeman, L. de Haan

Personalised medicine for psychosis, 161 - 165

Case report


H. Geerts, P. Emmery, K. Spaas, C. Klockaerts, M. Danckaerts

Hashimoto encephalopathy as explanation of psychotic symptoms in an adolescent, 120 - 123

Klinische Praktijk


H.C. van Mierlo, C.D. Schubart, N.M.S. Golüke, K.M. Bessembinders, J.K. Tijdink

Acute dystonia in a patient with an elevated clozapine level due to an infection, 843 - 847

Case report


W. Merckx, W. Lecot, K. Titeca

Psychosis in a patient with Prader-Willi syndrome, 784 - 787



P.F. Bouvy

Schizophrenia exists: yes / no / don’t know, 513 - 519

Review article


S. de Jong, R.J.M. van Donkersgoed, J. Arends, P.H. Lysaker, L. Wunderink, M. van der Gaag, A. Aleman, G.H.M. Pijnenborg

Metacognition in psychotic disorders: from concepts to intervention, 455 - 462

Case report


TH. van Oeffelt, E.J.D. Prinsen

Treatment-resistant psychosis due to interaction between ritonavir and olanzapine: case report and literature review, 309 - 313

Short report

2016/10 themanummer Maatschappelijk Rendement van de Psychiatrie

M. van der Gaag, H. Ising, J. Lokkerbol, F. Smit

Prognostic modelling and proactive intervention in psychosis: efficacy and cost-effectiveness, 695 - 699

Case report


J. Devriese, M. Dhar, D. Walleghem, D. Van West

Hallucinations and obsessive behaviour in an infant with autism spectrum disorder: diagnostic problems, 608 - 612

Short report


L. de Witte, M. Kromkamp, N. Schoenmaker, H.C. van Mierlo, P. Martinez-Martínez, S.J.M. Palmen, I.E.C. Sommer

Auto-immune encephalitis in psychiatric practice, 446 - 451

Case report


E. van der Weijde, A. Schadé

Psychiatric problems in a motor disorder: psychosis in Huntington’s disease, 215 - 219

Review article


P. Martinez-Martinez*, P.C. Molenaar*, M. Losen, C. Hoffmann, J. Stevens, L.D. de Witte, T. van Amelsvoort, J. van Os, B.P.F. Rutten

Auto-immune disorders as a possible cause of neuropsychiatric syndromes, 183 - 191

Short report

2015/12 themanummer Kinder en Jeugdpsychiatrie

J.A. Vorstman, E.J. Breetvelt, M.H. Hillegers, F.E. Scheepers

Psychosis: recognising the symptoms and disorders in children and adolescents, 928 - 932

Review article


J.D. Blom

The delusion of world catastrophe. Is this classic symptom still relevant today?, 730 - 738

Short report

2015/2 themanummer Bewegingsstoornissen

P.N. van Harten, P.R. Bakker, J. van Os

Movement disorders as a prodromal sign in individuals at high risk of psychosis, 77 - 82

New research


C.F. Croes, R. van Grunsven, A.B.P. Staring, D.P.G. van den Berg, A. de Jongh, M. van der Gaag

Imagery in psychosis: EMDR as a new intervention in the treatment of delusions and auditory hallucinations, 568 - 576

Case report


P.J.S. Michielsen, M.H.L. Arts

Cryptococcal meningitis and neuropsychiatric consequences of HIV-infection, 539 - 543