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Keywords register: gender



V. de Vogel, J. Stam, Y.H.A. Bouman, P. Ter Horst, M. Lancel

Intoxicated women: A study into gender differences in substance abuse in forensic psychiatric patients, 332 - 339

New research


V. de Vogel, J. Stam, Y. Bouman, P. Ter Horst, M. Lancel

Violent women: a multicentre study of the characteristics of female forensic psychiatric patients, 439 - 447

Review article


L. Amrani, L. De Backer, G. Dom

Adolescent binge drinking: neurocognitive consequences and gender differences , 677 - 689

New research


V. de Vogel, M. de Vries Robbé, W. van Kalmthout, C. Place

Risk assessment of violent women: development of the ‘Female Additional Manual’ (FAM) , 329 - 338

New research


S. Van de Velde, K. Levecque, P. Bracke

Flanders versus the Netherlands: focus on differences between depressive symptoms in men and women measured on the basis of CES-D8, 73 - 82

Review article


M.A.M. Boerma, J.C. van der Stel, TH. van Amelsvoort, D.H. Linszen, L. de Haan

Women, schizophrenia and oestrogen; neurobiological hypotheses and hormonetherapy studies, 235 - 244

Short report

2009/8 Themanummer Stress en Psychiatrie

N.J. Nicolai

Chronic stress, sex and gender, 569 - 577

Review article


L.M. Dil, Th.A.H. Doreleijers, R.A. Schoevers

Filicide; psychiatric disorders in parents who murder their children , 263 - 272

Review article


L.A.M. Kooiman, B.J.A. Jansen, F.P.M.L. Peeters

Sensitive to change: neuroendocrinal aspects of depression in women , 241 - 250

Short report

2002/6 Themanummer Psychiatrie en Gender

A.M.M. Kolk

Gender and somatization, 389 - 396

Review article

2002/6 Themanummer Psychiatrie en Gender

C.M.T. Gijsbers van Wijk

Depression: gender differences in prevalence, clinical features and treatment response, 377 - 382

New research


C.M.T. Gijsbers van Wijk, J. Dekker, J. Peen, F. de Jonghe

Depression in men and women: sex differences in treatment outcomes of farmacotherapy and combined therapy, 301 - 311