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Keywords register: bipolar disorder

Short report

50th anniversary issue 2008, suppl.2

W.A. Nolen

Fifty years of pharmacotherapy of mood disorders: have the expectations been fulfilled? , 111 - 116

Klinische Praktijk


S. van der Gaag, R.W. Kupka, P.M. Bet

Carbamazepine and quetiapine: a neglected, but highly relevant interaction, 794 - 797



P.F.J. Schulte, L. Kaarsgaren, M.J. Eldering, B. Haarman, D. Postma, R.F. Riemersma-Van der Lek, L. Rops, A.W.M.M. Stevens

A protocol for light therapy in bipolar disorder, 223 - 228

Review article


M.W.H. Lochmann van Bennekom, M. van Eijkelen, B. Geerling, M.H.J. Hillegers, M. de Leeuw, R.W. Kupka, E.J. Regeer

Earlier recognition of bipolar disorder – necessity and advice for clinical practice, 384 - 391

Review article


G.G.H. van der Linden, M.W.H. Lochmann van Bennekom, J. Spijker

Prevalence and recognition of bipolarity in patients with a treatment-resistant depressive disorder: a systematic review, 104 - 111



M.M. Rive, H.G. Ruhé, D.J. Veltman, A.H. Schene

The diagnosis of unipolar versus bipolar disorders using neuroimaging, 471 - 480

Review article


W.A.M. van der Veen, J.W. Renes, R.W. Kupka, E.J. Regeer

The effects of pharmacological and psychotherapeutic treatment of comorbid anxiety disorders in patients with bipolar disorder, 388 - 396



B.C.M. Haarman, H. Burger, H.A. Drexhage, W.A. Nolen, R.F. Riemersma-Van der Lek

The dysregulated brain - Consequences of spatial and temporal brain complexity for bipolar disorder pathophysiology and diagnosis, 105 - 113

Review article


A.T. Spijker, J. van Zaane, M.A. Koenders, R. Hoekstra, R.W. Kupka

Bipolar disorder and alcohol use disorder: practical recommendations for treatment, based on a literature review, 87 - 95

Review article


D. Dinç, P.F.J. Schulte

The use of anticonvulsants and the levels of folate, vitamin B12 and homocysteine, 20 - 28



A. Dols, S. Schouws

Older patients with a bipolar disorder, a distinctive group, 693 - 701

Review article


S. Van Den Ameele, L. van Diermen, W. Staels, V. Coppens, G. Dumont, B. Sabbe, M. Morrens

The effect of mood-stabilising drugs on cytokine levels in bipolar disorder: a systematic review, 682 - 692

Short report

2017/10 themanummer Hersenstimulatie

A. de Bruijn, I. Tendolkar, J. Spijker, M. Lochmann van Bennekom, P. van Eijndhoven

Usefulness of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) in the treatment of bipolar depression, 605 - 611

New research


W.G. ter Meulen, H.M. Visser, P.J.M. Elders, R.W. Kupka

The general practitioner in charge of treatment of patients with bipolar disorder: an exploratory study, 190 - 197

Review article


A. Temmerman, B. Sabbe, M. Morrens

Social cognition in bipolar disorder, 405 - 414

Case report


M.L. Sluys, A. Remmers, R.J. Beerthuis

Hypomania following the use of varenicline in two patients with bipolar disorder, 835 - 838

Case report


L.D. de Witte, R.B. Smits, M. Bartel, M. Kleijweg, G.D. Valk, C.H. Vinkers, M. Vergeer

Cushing’s syndrome in a manic patient with a long-standing bipolar disorder: cause or coincidence?, 757 - 761



R. Wesseloo, K.M. Burgerhout, K.M. Koorengevel, V. Bergink

Postpartum psychosis in clinical practice: diagnostic considerations, treatment and prevention, 25 - 33

Review article


A.T. Spijker, S.M. Staufenbiel, E.F.C. van Rossum

New insights into ways of determining cortisol exposure in patients with bipolar disorder, 788 - 797

New research


H.M. Visser, J.W. Renes, D. Koninkx, R.W. Kupka

Forcing patients with bipolar disorder to make a financial contribution to secondary psychiatric care may make them forsake care completely, 655 - 663

Case report


L.M. Tak, A.W.M.M. Stevens

Development of (hypo)mania during discontinuation of venlafaxine in two patients with bipolar disorder, 795 - 800

Review article


M.J. Eldering, S. Schouws, B. Arts, N. Jabben

Cognitive dysfunction in bipolar disorder: determinants and functional outcome, 709 - 718

Short report

2012/11 themanummer Klinische Stagering en Profilering

R.W. Kupka, M.H.J. Hillegers

Staging and profiling in bipolar disorders, 949 - 956

Short report


A. Dols, H. van Gerven, F. Oostervink, S. Schouws, I. Tolner, R.W. Kupka, M.L. Stek

Key points for the treatment of the elderly with bipolar disorder , 75 - 80

Review article


A. van Lammeren, A. Dols, H. van Gerven, R.W. Kupka, M.L. Stek

Mania in late life: bipolar disorder as diagnosis by exclusion, 813 - 823