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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 39 (1997) 11, 842 - 847

Short report

The Lifechart Method

C.H. Hendriks, A. Honig, G.W. Akkerhuis, W.A. Nolen

The Lifechart Method (LCM) gives both patient and therapist a rapid and complete overview of the course of an affective disorder. The aim of this project was to evaluate if the LCM manual is useful for patients to complete their own lifechart (LC). All patients were recruited via the outpatient department for affective disorders of the Academic Hospital Maastricht (AZM). They were diagnosed with a unipolar or bipolar disorder according to DSM-IV-criteria. Of the 74 selected patients 44 were willing to participate. These patients were asked to complete their own LC over the past six years, using the manual. 36 patients completed a LC adequately (60%-80% complete). The more time the patient devoted to complete the LC, the better the results. Although patients experienced difficulties in completing the LC, they regarded the completion of the LC generally as useful. It is concluded that the manual is an adequate tool for patients with a major affective to complete their own LC.