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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 39 (1997) 9, 733 - 743

Short report

Client centered psychotherapy in a case of bipolar disorder

M.C.L. Baljon, M.J. de Graaf

A woman in her forties, who was being treated for bipolar disorder for many years, showed externalized crossness. Since a few focusing sessions gave relief, a clientcentered psychotherapy was initiated. The objectives were that the patient had to learn to live with the bipolar illness and to diminish maladapting personality traits. The psychotherapy was succesfully concluded after four years and ninety sessions. The authors are not aware of any other literature about this kind of psychotherapy in bipolar disorder. They discuss the significance psychotherapy can have for these patients. Thoughts about psychiatric psychotherapy and new developments in clientcentered psychotherapy are illustrated by this case. The authors carried out the treatment as psychotherapist and psychiatrist, respectively.