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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 39 (1997) 3


G. Pieters

, 217 - 219

Short report

A. Kaasenbrood, W. van Tilburg

The dissemination and implementation of guidelines for good psychiatric practice, 220 - 231

Short report

R.W. Kupka, G.W. Akkerhuis, W.A. Nolen, A. Honig

The life-chart methodology for manicdepressive illness , 232 - 239

Short report

E.A.M. Knoppert-van der Klein, C.A.L. Hoogduin, A.S. van Peski-Oosterbaan, J.R. Beck-Lie A Fat

A standard education programme for patients on lithium maintenance, 240 - 248

Short report

E. ten Broeke, A. de Jongh

EMDR in the treatment of Type II psychotrauma: A case-study, 249 - 255

Short report

H.A.M. Middelkoop, A Sadeh

The role and value of actimetry in the evaluation of sleep-wake and sleep-wake related disorders, 256 - 262

Letter to the editor

R.C. Sival, P.M.J. Haffmans

Postscripta Preventie van agressieve incidenten , 263 - 266

Letter to the editor

J.L.M. van der Beek

Postscripta Psycho-educatie als behandeling van unipolaire depressie, 266 - 272