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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 39 (1997) 2, 194 - 204

Short report

Psychotherapy in the psychiatric training

P.J. Jongerius

Starting from the statement that psychiatry offers an excellent situation for learning psychotherapy, the grounds for this statement are amply elucidated. These favourable factors are successively: the fact that training takes place in the field, the kind of patients that ask for treatment, the inpatient setting, the medical context. It is stated that, as to the contents, the training in psychotherapy as part of psychiatric training doesn't differ essentially from the psychotherapy training in other fields. Some items, however, ask for more specific attention, namely the supportive c.q. directive aspects and the group as a treatment setting. Concerning the teaching of psychotherapeutic treatment strategies for certain diagnostic categories, it is stated that this is only possible in broad outlines, because of the unicity of the specific problems of each individual.